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February 2019

Leading by example - a powerful driver of inclusion, engagement and customer service

January 2019

To deliver major change programmes successfully build an inclusive culture

December 2018

What are the three priorities to leverage the Power of Inclusion?

November 2018

Inclusion is now recognised as mainstream to business success and here’s how to make it happen

October 2018

Making Unconscious Bias Training Meaningful and Business Beneficial

September 2018

Inclusive Cultures deliver: high performance; great customer service; race and gender equality; innovation; complex change

August 2018

Address unconscious bias and get the accompanying performance gains

July 2018

Gaining the big performance benefits available from developing super teams

June 2018

Innovation drives business growth and it’s diversity of thought that powers innovation

May 2018

Drive performance by being a Diversity & Inclusion Champion

April 2018

Releasing the power of cognitive diversity for big performance gains

March 2018

Engaging Managers deliver great productivity gains

February 2018

Gaining the big performance benefits available from developing super teams

January 2018

Developing Interactive Effectiveness is key to building an Inclusive Culture

November 2017

The key factor in successfully building high performance inclusive cultures

October 2017

Inclusive cultures drive high performance and complex change

September 2017

A highly effective means of determining the extent to which your organisation has an inclusive culture

August 2017

Developing Engaging Managers drives High Productivity

June 2017

How using actors can help drive the inclusion performance gain

May 2017

Developing interactively effective managers is the key to delivering success

April 2017

Inclusive Leadership turns organisations round in times of crisis

March 2017

Positive affirmations are a powerful coaching tool

February 2017

Retain your employees by building an Inclusive Culture

January 2017

Succeeding with BME Equality through Inclusive Leadership

December 2016

Interactive Effectiveness is key to being a successful Inclusive Leader

November 2016

Inclusion is a key driver of innovation and creativity

October 2016

Developing Inclusive Leaders is the key to successfully delivering major culture change

September 2016

How to succeed in enabling more women to achieve senior positions

August 2016

Most Diversity and Inclusion Programmes don’t work and this blog describes what does

July 2016

Coaching that delivers success

June 2016

Inclusive Leaders have great interactive effectiveness skills

May 2016

Gender Diverse Organisations offer high performance if the management style is engaging and inclusive

April 2016

The key to delivering complex change successfully is taking a Whole Systems approach

March 2016

The key to high performance: developing inclusive managers

February 2016

Creating a culture of openness, empathy and inclusion

January 2016

I’m hoping that I have the opportunity to work on these important inclusion issues in 2016

December 2015

The principal, and largely unrecognised, cause of workplace exclusion for women, ethnic minorities, disabled people and LGBTs - Microinequities!

November 2015

Making it hard for managers to deny that feedback about leadership behaviour applies to them

October 2015

Delivering Equality for Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Employees

September 2015

Talented leaders are not necessarily talented global leaders

August 2015

Delivering high productivity by developing engaging managers

July 2015

Super Diversity offers enhanced performance opportunities

June 2015

Delivering high performance through interactive effectiveness

May 2015

Transformational leadership and management and the role of Employee Networks

April 2015

Leveraging difference for organisational success

March 2015

Unlock inclusive engagement and unleash performance

February 2015

Inclusive leadership delivers high performance

January 2015

An inclusive, whole systems approach is key to delivering major change

December 2014

Succeeding with major change needs frontline voices to be heard

November 2014

Leading by example - a powerful driver of inclusion, engagement and customer service

October 2014

Inclusive leadership drives high performance and change

September 2014

To deliver major change programmes successfully build an inclusive culture

August 2014

The Power of Inclusion Website is launched: www.thepowerofinclusion.com

July 2014

The importance of role models and Inclusion Champions to drive inclusion

June 2014

What are the three priorities to leverage the Power of Inclusion?

May 2014

Inclusion is now increasingly seen as mainstream to business success and here’s how to make sure you deliver the benefits it offers

April 2014

Inclusion is now recognised as mainstream to business success and here’s how to make it happen

March 2014

IDC launches its unique Inclusion and High Performance Diagnostic

February 2014

Building Great Teams by developing interactive effectiveness reinforced by drumnosis

January 2014

How Diversity and Inclusion needs to be approached differently in EMEA to the USA

December 2013

Globalisation and multiculturalism means that cross-cultural training and development is critical to business success

November 2013

Begin with the senior white male managers to gain the big business benefits from building an inclusive culture, including increasing the proportion of underrepresented groups in management

October 2013

Making Unconscious Bias Training Meaningful and Business Beneficial

September 2013

IDC launches the IDC Academy Online: http://idcacademyonline.com/

August 2013

Growing the business by building an inclusive culture needs the full engagement of senior leaders to shape and drive the D&I strategy

July 2013

Driving high inclusion and performance through the behaviours embodied in your organisation’s brand

June 2013

Driving high performance by building excellence in strategy formulation and delivery and in teamwork

May 2013

Building an inclusive culture offers big performance benefits and increases the senior representation of women and other underrepresented groups

April 2013

Building best practices in Executive Search Firms

March 2013

Building high performance inclusive cultures and liberating talent

Febuary 2013

Diversity and inclusion proficiency is about adding business value and profitability

January 2013

Gaining the big performance benefits available from developing super teams

December 2012

The Engage for Success Movement is launched to contribute to the UK’s future economic success

November 2012

Innovative, high quality, problem solving requires teams which are skilled in interactive behaviour

October 2012

Innovation drives business growth and it’s diversity of thought that powers innovation

September 2012

IDC joins leading multidisciplined law firm, Simons, Muirhead and Burton (SM&B) in launching Frith Street Consulting, a transformational change and HR consultancy

August 2012

Driving behavioural change and saving costs by delivering learning and development on ‘Virtual World’ platforms

July 2012

Successful employee engagement needs a vision of future success and a culture of inclusion

June 2012

Driving performance by being a Diversity & Inclusion Champion

May 2012

Bottom line benefits come from drawing on the power of inclusion

April 2012

Releasing the power of cognitive diversity for big performance gains

March 2012

Addressing marketplace diversity can yield the largest Return on Investment (ROI)

February 2012

Strengths based change approaches build energy and drive the successful adoption of new behaviours

January 2012

Crafting Social Responsibility for delivering sustainable innovation & growth

December 2011

Adding to the bottom line by transforming your organisation to be more outward facing

November 2011

IDC & leading employment law firm, SMAB, launch a groundbreaking joined up Organisation Development Consulting and Legal Service

October 2011

Long-term reinforcement is necessary to deliver the big performance gains available from addressing unconscious bias

September 2011

Building inclusive cultures for sustainable business success requires transformational leadership

August 2011

Being able to be your real self at work offers productivity and problem solving gains

July 2011

Transformational leadership delivers results

June 2011

Why is it important to have more women on boards and top teams?

May 2011

Selling more and increasing profits by taking account of diversity at the customer and client interface

April 2011

Meeting the Lord Davies Review: Boards to have 25% women by 2015.

March 2011

Addressing unconscious bias and introducing sponsorship schemes increases the numbers of women in senior management and enhances financial performance

February 2011

Driving performance gains from the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) intervention emphasis being on the white male workforce

January 2011

Diversity and inclusion hot tips for delivering big performance gains in 2011

December 2010

There are big incremental revenue benefits available to producers and retailers who understand and address women’s design preferences

November 2010

“Delivering added value and superior performance by building an inclusive climate and addressing unconcious bias” – a highly successful IDC workshop

October 2010

Transforming masculine cultures to be more inclusive delivers high performance

September 2010

Ian Dodds Consulting (IDC) launches its award winning services in Accra, Ghana

August 2010

Gay friendly workplaces boost productivity

July 2010

Diversity diagnostics are vital for determining where to prioritise effort

June 2010

Ensuring your products and services mirror the preferences of your customers rather than your senior managers

May 2010

Inclusive cultures enhance performance

April 2010

Unleashing the performance gain potential of Employee Network Groups

March 2010

Getting performance gains from Return on Investment (ROI) diversity

February 2010

Address unconscious bias and get the accompanying performance gains

January 2010

Diversity hot tips for delivering big 2010 profit generation and efficiency gains

December 2009

Address harassment and bullying by giving managers basic interactive skills training

November 2009

Diverse leadership teams enhance engagement, productivity and performance

October 2009

IDC Client wins World Diversity Leadership Summit (WDLS) 2009 Global Diversity Innovation Award

September 2009

How using actors can help drive diversity performance gains

August 2009

Reaping performance and efficiency gains from inclusion and microiniquities

July 2009

Generation Y: motivating and retaining young talent

June 2009

Cost efficient; highly effective; sustainable - the world's first-ever Virtual Global Inclusion Summit

May 2009

Mentoring circles are more powerful than one-on-one mentoring

April 2009

Using a total and integrated change process is the key to delivering real and substantial D&I business gains – find how

March 2009

Addressing Organisational Connectivity offers big profit generation opportunities

February 2009

Employee engagement offers big profit generation opportunities

Welcome To Ian Dodds Consulting

Ian Dodds Consulting (IDC) was formed in 2004 to help its clients succeed in delivering Complex Change, Inclusive Leadership and High Performance, Inclusive Cultures involving:

1.     Increased employee motivation and productivity.

2.     New ideas and better products and services for customers, clients or service users.

3.     High performing teams.

4.     Supporting and not hindering the ability of women, and other underrepresented groups, to reach top management by addressing mind-sets. (McKinsey Insight, Jan 2014)

5.     Increased talent retention and an enhanced Employer Brand.

6.     Better employee wellbeing.

7.   Delivering complex change successfully.

The delivery of these benefits requires deep expertise in strategic behavioural change and it is this capability that is a key differentiator for IDC. All of our consultants have deep experience of applying organisation development (OD) and behavioural change methodology to deliver high performing, inclusive cultures for clients. We have the case study evidence to prove it! A major IDC client was awarded the World Diversity Leadership Summit (WDLS) Global Diversity Innovation Award for a global programme to build an inclusive culture that we devised and delivered across 5 continents. It was judged by a panel of Fortune 100 Companies. 

Just click on our best practices link for advice, guidance and case studies on scores of topics.

  IDC is dedicated to helping its clients grow their business performance through expert transformational consultancy in:

  • Diversity & Inclusion, including building high performance teams
  • Transformational Change Management
  • Leadership development, mentoring and coaching
  • Measuring progress, including Return on Investment (ROI) 

Find out more about our services

IDC's global alliance partners, based in Accra, Boston, New York, The Hague, Frankfurt, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur, have over 25 years' experience in increasing business performance. Through this international expertise we provide worldwide support and advice drawing from over fifty expert consultants across five continents. We help our clients make inclusion happen through our deep knowledge of how to bring about and embed culture change.

Ian Dodds' clients have included:

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