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Measuring Progress, Including Culture Change

    As our clients implement their D&I Ation Plans or change management programmes, we help them devise balanced scorecard measures for the particular stage in the process they have reached. As a result, they avoid the trap of adopting measures that are more appropriate to a later stage in their journey, which often gives discouraging results, or choosing measures that belong to an earlier stage in the process, a decision that could limit their ability to deliver breakthrough business benefits. For example, if organisations look for tangible returns on investment from a D&I intervention before laying a clear foundation of awareness and culture change, sceptics can demean the entire process. Moreover, organisations that exclusively measure the increased representation of minority groups, important as that is, never discover new ways to advance to a culture that embraces all differences, and which truly delivers competitive advantage.

    We have developed, also, in conjunction with Westminster Business School, a Return on Investment (ROI) scorecard so that clients can generate cost estimates of different interventions. This is particularly valuable for gauging which D&I options offer the best return.


    For more information on how we measure progress, please contact us.


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