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Executive And Leadership Behaviour Coaching


    Our consultants have considerable experience of executive coaching and, in particular, the behavioural dimensions of leadership. Targeted leadership behaviour accelerates the implementation of strategy and culture change because the behaviour demonstrated by leaders is the single most significant influence on the way that employees behave (Professor Ed Schein). This involves the leaders setting an example in the key behaviours that will drive their business strategy and accompanying change programme.

    Our pioneering leadership behaviour development process has been refined over 20 years. It enables organisations to implement their strategies faster, and drive and embed the culture changes they require. We developed the process with the director of the main office of a financial services client. His office was one of the poorest performers in the group; but with this process he was able to turn it round in two years into one of the best. This remarkable change, and the story of how it came about, was ultimately covered by The Sunday Telegraph in a full-page case study in its business section. In it the reporter stated that: "I don't think I have ever been in an office with a stronger sense of purpose, contentment, candour, coherence or vigour".

     IDC's approach involves:  

    • helping leadership teams pinpoint the behaviours they must demonstrate to drive their strategy implementation
    • providing leadership team members with individual feedback on how well they display the critical leadership behaviours
    • providing expert behavioural coaching  

    With our unique online "Leadership Behaviours Fast Drive" Pulse Surveys, leaders can measure how far they are displaying the required behaviours, and track the vital progress they are making in driving the culture change they need. Leaders' average improvement score between one pulse survey feedback and the next is about 6%. Over a period of a year, with three sets of feedback and coaching, most leaders improve their scores by 15% to 20%. This change is very apparent to employees and provides a powerful role model example for them.

    IDC's consultants have extensive experience of developing and coaching executives, leaders and managers around the world. Moreover, we offer skilled mentoring to onboard new senior manager appointees and to high potential individuals from all backrounds

    For more information on our executive, leadership and management development and coaching and mentoring offerings please get in touch with us.


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