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Diversity And Inclusion, including building high performance teams


    IDC offers all the development programmes that clients are likely to need to formulate, develop and implement diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies that deliver and add business value. We have unrivalled experience and capability in helping clients build inclusive cultures and gain the massive performance benefits this offers: increased employee motivation and productivity; more responsive services and products for diverse customers, clients or service users; great teams; supporting women, and other underrepresented groups, to reach top management; increased talent retention and an enhanced Employer Brand; better employee wellbeing. We have broad, international experience and all of our approaches are underpinned by state of the art behavioural change management methodologies, including appreciative enquiry.

     D&I diagnostic activities  
    Our diagnostics include online D&I surveys, executive and employee interviews and affinity focus groups in which the diversity of our facilitators mirrors that of the participants, in terms of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation and age. This encourages participants to be open about the issues that help or hinder their performance. We have carried out D&I diagnostics in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and Latin America

    We have developed a unique Inclusion and High Performance (I&HP) diagnostic tool, which measures what is helping and hindering inclusion and high performance in the client’s organisation..

    D&I strategy formulation and implementation, including building 'Great Teams'
    We help clients create D&I action plans which are underpinned by the drivers of change that will help them build the energy, commitment and capability that are crucial for sustained success. Our experience of global best practice in D&I is extensive, and it is vital in helping clients decide which approaches will have the biggest impact on their business imperatives. We also partner with clients to help them underpin and ensure the successful delivery of their D&I strategies by underpinning them with state of the art behavioural change methodologies.

    The theme of the Harvard Business Review (Apr 2012) was 'Great Teams'. All of the articles concluded that the principal limiting factor to being a 'Great Team' was interactive effectiveness. IDC's unique interactive behaviours tool offers a powerful means of coaching and developing teams in inclusive, interactive effectiveness. The result is high performance teams that excel in creative problem solving.

    Our innovative Mentoring Circles are a powerful way to develop high-potential employees from under-represented backgrounds. Mentoring is delivered to small groups (of six to eight people) with one or two mentors. This is more resource efficient and a more effective approach than one-on-one mentoring, because mentees learn from each other as well as from their mentors. We help clients set up the circles and provide short introductory training workshops for mentors and mentees. These include coaching on how to deal with the issues that may arise from the diversity of the circle’s membership. This ensures that the mentoring experience offers maximum benefit to both mentees and mentors.

    D&I awareness raising workshops
    IDC offers a whole range of training interventions covering awareness raising, skills and capability development, and behavioural coaching to embed and reinforce D&I interventions. We also offer short workshops, around 2 hours, on different D&I topics:

      • Unconscious bias
      • Building high performance teams
      • Building cross-cultural competence
      • The power of small - microinequities
      • Religion, faith and spirituality at work
      • Diversity, creativity and innovation
      • Inclusion and high-performance team working
      • Disability and work
      • Ethnic and race issues at work
      • Gay and lesbian issues in the workplace
      • Gender differences and how they play out at work
      • Generational diversity
      • Market, customer and supplier diversity
      • Diversity and global talent management 

    Our interactive theatre capability means that we are able to bring the emotional and intellectual issues of D&I to life in a workshop environment. Participants in interactive theatre are able to picture, devise and commit to more productive and inclusive ways of behaving Another key component of managers' D&I development is helping them recognise what is unique in people, and how to transform each person's talents into better performance. This helps them to develop into more effective people managers.


    Executive interviews, mentoring and coaching 
    We undertake in-depth executive interviews. These help to identify what senior managers see as the key issues in their organisation. They also help to determine which strategies have worked, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Our consultants are highly experienced in mentoring coaching senior managers to lead inclusively. This is critical to drive inclusion throughout the organisation and obtain the D&I dividend in terms of business performance.

    We know how to proof our clients' current D&I policies and procedures. Another expertise is benchmarking to help them adopt best practice approaches. 

    Work/life balance and its contribution to success  
    We help clients gain a competitive advantage with planning tools uniquely developed to help them devise and implement approaches that benefit both the individual and the organisation.


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