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Transformational Change Management


    Lasting improvements in performance, restructuring, D&I and organisational behaviour only come from building strategies based on sound transformational, change management principles.

    Our consultants' extensive transformational change-management, organisation development (OD) experience and people-centred approach offers highly effective support. It is this grounding in sound organisational and behavioural change methodology that enables IDC to help its clients deliver successful and sustainable change. This differentiates our consultancy interventions from others that often disappoint and don't achieve the expected results. Ian Dodds is an elected member of the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science, one of the leading bodies in the world regarding leadership and organisational development and behavioural change approaches.


    IDC firmly believes in building in-house capabilities within a client's organisation, rather than creating an environment in which the client comes to depend on the consultant. We have extensive experience of training internal change agents and have done so on a global basis. We can also support the delivery and sustaining of transformational change interventions by offering an eCoach solution, which is excellent at enabling middle managers to support the change delivery.


    Another of IDC's offering, "Facilitating and Managing Fast and Successful Change", enables managers and internal consultants to gain the knowledge and skills they need to successfully deliver their change-management programmes fast and sustainably..


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